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Soccer Camp kicks off

Haley: a pitch full of players
England’s Gareth Stobart patiently instructs a group of four- to six-year-old would-be players on the joys of soccer at Haley Field in Warfield. About 60 were on the pitch Tuesday morning for the British Soccer Camp.

The Challenger Sports British Soccer Camps kicked off on Monday at Haley Park with kids from four- to 16 years old learning important soccer skills.

The camps rotate all day long, with different age groups and abilities being taught by four English soccer coaches.

Instructor Gareth Stobart is a university student from Lewes, England who joined the group about four weeks ago. Each instructor is assigned a region and spends about eight weeks over the summer instructing youth.

Stobart had the eye-opening pleasure of spending his first three weeks in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.

The round-the-clock daylight took a bit of getting use to, said Stobart.

“It’s like having those energy drinks and staying awake for three weeks.”

Teaching soccer does pose its challenges but he says kids react the same everywhere.

“Some are really good, some listen, some don’t, some are shy and sit out, there’s always a mixture.”

Jayden Bowcock is an energetic 10-year-old boy from Trail who is thoroughly enjoying the camp and taking advantage of the good instruction.

“It’s been lots of fun,” said Bowcock. “The teachers are so good.”

More than anything the camp gives the children and youth an opportunity to enjoy and learn without too much pressure, Stobart added

“If they like soccer, hopefully they will like it more at the end of the week.”

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