Sports n’ Things: Upkeep needed for hockey websites

"...woefully maintained/updated, so as points of contact for fans are not quite useless and often annoying."

Hey kids, while you are whiling away the summer and waiting for hockey season to start – no, the NHL draft doesn’t count – consider filling what has appeared to be a considerable gap in modernity for the two local junior teams.

Both have websites and Facebook pages, and one of them, at least, has a twitter account.

All of the above are woefully maintained/updated, so as points of contact for fans (potential ticket buyers, sponsors) are not quite useless and often annoying.

Surely there is some young person willing to put in a couple of hours every day or so to input information and help clean up these sites so that fans can be informed and not frustrated when they visit them. In season, I suppose, there may be more work involved, but that would/should include perks like free admission and maybe even road trips with the team.

I haven’t noticed any actual ads for someone to do those tasks, but then, I haven’t noticed any updates to information about training camps and game schedules either, even though that information, with less than two months to go before the action starts, must be available, probably in  digital form. That information is what allows fans to plan their schedule and consider ticket purchases.

I am told schools routinely offer credit courses in IT over various platforms – I, and apparently many involved with our junior teams, never experienced those class options – and how better to gain experience and put that schoolwork to use than in aid of a couple of very important enterprises in the area.

I am also told that those who instruct such courses love to see the skills they teach put into practical use.

The more interested and knowledgeable about hockey, especially minor/junior hockey, someone wanting to share their technical expertise is, the better, but the technical expertise and time to put that into action – if only to facilitate web use by operators of the teams – is the key here.

See, the adults who run things for the Smoke Eaters and Nitehawks probably do not truly understand the import of weak web presences, especially how that might turn off the tech-savvier young people they are desparate to involve in their enterprises, so they need help.

I am told often that young people are happy to help out their elders – if given the opportunity.

Well, you have to check it out on the web sites in question, which have, at least, up to date contact numbers, but it seems obvious opportunity is knocking, if not exactly texting and tweeting, and just waiting for someone or someones to answer

At least I hope that is the case.

Along the way, of course, you would be helping out many of your peers, for whom the success of local junior hockey enterprises is of serious import.

Running a junior hockey club is a complex task. Back in the day when I was involved such things directly digital issues did not enter the mix. They do now, and help on that front is obviously needed.  Think about it as a contribution to your Home of Champions home.