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Super League Curling: A fine final Fines’ shot ekes out win

Kootenay Savings Super League curling goes every Thursday at the Trail Curling Centre
Skip Ken Fines made a great final shot for the victory on Thursday. Photo: Jim Bailey

Contributed by Craig Fines

It was a close match between Team Meger and Team Fines in Kootenay Savings Super League action on Thursday.

The teams traded the lead throughout the entire match, highlighted by many amazing draws and takeouts. In the end, the scoring decision came down to the skips’ shots with skip Ken Fines making a great draw to the eight foot behind cover for an 8-7 win.

A good start for team Coles who opened the scoring in the first with four. Team Karn battled back by scoring one and stealing two in the second and third ends. Unfortunately, team Coles commanded the rest of the game having many rocks in play for the remainder five ends resulting in a 12-3 victory.

Team Winters playing team Nichol went up 4-0 after four ends unanswered. In the fifth end, skip Myron for team Nichol made an unbelievable double raise to score three making it a close battle for the first half. Facing trouble in the sixth skip Jill makes a phenomenal shot by threading the needle through a small window for a takeout to score one. Unfortunately in the seventh end it all came undone for Team Winters. There were lots of rocks in play and skip Jill narrowly missed her takeout and skip Myron was able to draw for five. The last end team Nichol was able to run Team Winters out of rocks for the win.

Team van Yzerloo stole their way to victory by placing amazing guards, which made for some hard shots that ticked the guards and came up short for team Partridge throughout the match. Team van Yzerloo was able to quell team Partirdge through six ends commanding a 9-0 lead. Team van Yzerloo said that they missed their teammate Faunt, but not really.

Team Horning came out with all cylinders firing by scoring five in the first end against Team Lepine and making eight perfect shots. This result made for tough last rocks on skip Les Lepine who nicked the guard trying for his draw. In the second skip Dean Horning made a perfect freeze that could not be removed to score one. In the third end skip Lepine made a six-foot raise through a tight port to score one when he was facing four from the opposition. Again the skip came through for team Lepine who scored one by a fantastic freeze on the button.

Through the fifth and sixth ends, Team Horning controlled the rest of the game scoring two and then stealing three for a commanding 11-2 win.