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Super League Curling: Team Small ices Nichol with four-ender

Kootenay Savings Super League curling goes every Thursday at the Trail Curling Centre

By Times Contributor

A week after all games went 8 ends, no games in the Kootenay Savings Super League this past week went the full length.

League leading Team Myron Nichol faced off against Team Nathan Small , who were at full strength with Skip Nate back in the Kootenays after weeks of CashSpiels and the Canadian Mixed Championship.

Team Small manufactured a deuce to start, then forced Team Nichol to a single in the 2nd. Team Small increased their lead with an open hit for three in the 3rd, then again held Team Nichol to a single in 4. Both teams traded deuces with their hammer advantages in the 5th and 6th ends, for a 7-4 Team Small lead. Team Nichol looked to have a single steal sewn up in the 7th, when Skip Myron threw his last rock guard that slid a foot too far, freezing at the worst possible angle on a Team Small rock, allowing Skip Nate an open hit double take-out for a huge four ender and an 11-4 win.

Team Brian LeMoel were taking on Team Re/Max AllPro Realty, skipped by Darrin Albo. Team LeMoel started with an open draw for two in the 1st, followed by Team Re/Max doing the same in the 2nd. Team LeMoel chose to blank the 3rd, which led to another open draw for two in the 4th. Team Re/Max had a chance at a four ender in the 5th, but Skip Albo’s last rock attempt at a short cross-ice double didn’t curl enough, rolling over top of the shot stone, for a LeMoel steal of one. Team LeMoel forced Team Re/Max to a single in 6, then Skip Brian didn’t have to throw his last rock in the 7th, when already laying two, Skip Albo’s last rock attempt at a freeze clipped a guard, conceding the game for a 5-3 LeMoel win.

Team Bartlett Excavating, skipped by Devo Devine, struggled this night against Team Les Lepine. Team Bartlett chose to blank the 1st, but gave up a steal of two in the 2nd when, facing three, Skip Devo’s last rock take-out rolled agonizingly too far over top of the 2nd and 3rd Lepine stones. Facing three in the 3rd, Skip Lepine corner froze with his last rock on the shot stone. Skip Devo navigated a tight port with a take-out, but hit too much of Lepine’s rock, and after a measure, Lepine stole one. Skip Devo got his team on the board with an open hit for two in the 4th, followed by Skip Lepine executing two nice draws around cover for his own deuce in the 5th. Skip Devo got caught on a swingy part of the ice in the 6th, breezing an open hit for a game-ending Lepine steal of four.

It was a tough night for Team Ken Fines against Team Bill van Yzerloo. Team van Yzerloo opened the scoring with an open draw for two in the 1st. Team Fines blanked the 2nd, then after Skip van Yzerloo made a perfect hit ‘n roll behind cover, Skip Ken had a difficult raise to the 4foot, that overcurled for a van Yzerloo steal of two. Nothing went Team Fines way in the 4th, leading to a Team van Yzerloo steal of three. Team Fines third, Craig Fines, made a beautiful draw around cover to the four foot, that held up for shot stone in the 5th, and were looking to steal two in the 6th, when Skip Bill made a delicate come around tap for one with his last shot, sealing an 8-1 van Yzerloo victory.

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