Trail Retiree Men’s curling: Three teams stay perfect

After a long hot summer Trail Retiree Men's curling is happy to be back on the ice.

After a long hot summer it’s good to be back on the ice.

The Trail Retirees Curling Club found the ice quick with lots of curl, just like you see on TV. While the curlers may look more like Russ Howard than Jim Cotter, the will to curl well is no less intense.

On sheet ‘A’ Jim Stewart’s rink took on the Brett Rakuson foursome. The Rakuson side got off to a nice start with two in the first end, but gave up four in the second. The Stewart side then stole single points in the next four ends to take a commanding 8-2 lead. The Rakuson side battled back in the seventh and eighth with a total of five points to make the final an 8 to 6 Stewart win.

Sheet ‘B’ saw a tight battle between the Dan Horan and Wanye Wyton rinks. Two blank ends highlighted this defensive struggle that saw the Wyton team up four to three going into the eighth end. It was not a shock that the Horan team could only come up with a single to tie the game 4 to 4.

Sheet ‘C’ was a run and gun affair. The Harvey Handley rink shot it out with the Tom Hall foursome. Tied 1-1 after two, the Hall rink took four in the third. The Handley foursome, not to be out gunned, stormed back and took a four in the fourth. The Hall side replied with three in the fifth end. Settling down each side took one in the sixth and seventh. Down three in the eighth with guards out front and three Handley rocks in the back of the four foot, and a Hall rock sitting shot between the Handley stones Harvey had only one shot for the tie. Bump the Hall rock and one of his own back far enough and keep his shooter to count three. It was not to be, and the Hall foursome stole one, making the final 10-6.

On Sheet ‘D’ the Primo Secco rink took and early lead against the Clare Coleman foursome. Trading points back an fourth, but never giving up the lead, the Secco team took a 5-3 lead into the eighth end. Down but not out the Coleman rink battled back and put up three to stun Secco and win the game 6-5.

In a battle of 2 and 0 teams, Serge Pasquali faced off against new comer Murray Walsh. The Walsh side opened up with a single in the first to break the ice. The Pasquali team stormed back with a six in the second end to open a big lead. The Walsh team were not intimidated and struggled back to tie the game at seven after seven. With hammer the Pasquali team scored a single in the eighth end to secure the win, 8 to 7, and go to 3 and 0 on the season.