Pool party crasher

A small black bear brought a comedy of errors in a Glenmerry neighbourhood this week.

Pool party crasher

Gail Konkin was out for her usual morning walk through Glenmerry on Wednesday. After spotting a small black bruin near the townhouses on Highway Drive, she decided to forego her stroll and stopped in for tea with a friend.

The same little bear went crashing through her friend’s yard, and as they shooed it away, the animal headed into the back of the house.

Gail surmises the bear mistook the swimming pool’s blue cover as a solid surface when he jumped on and subsequently took a dip, before shaking it off and high tailing it over the fence.

The story doesn’t end there, however.

Later, Gail was talking with a few neighbours who had also spotted the bumbling juvenile.

“Another friend who lives up the road, says she was in the garden and all of a sudden this big black dog came cruising by,” said Konkin. “She thought it was a large dog, then realized it was a bear.”

Very shortly after, a neighbour who was painting his house took notice.

“So he shoots his paint gun at the bear, and of course misses it and hits her house,” Konkin laughed. “Of course, this played out like a Monty Python (skit).”