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Trail Blazers: Kresge, the most memorable lunch counter ever

What are your Kresge’s memories?

Trail has been - and still is - home to so many great eateries it would be impossible to award a blue ribbon to one particular establishment.

That said, most who grew up in Trail will probably have the Kresge’s counter come to mind when asked their opinion on the most memorable lunch counter.

With that in mind, Sarah Benson-Lord, from the Trail Museum and Archives, unearthed this iconic photo from the historical collection for a timely edition of Trail Blazers.

“Officially opened on October 15, 1958, S.S. Kresge Co. was an exciting addition to downtown Trail’s retail offerings,” Benson-Lord began.

Located at the corner of Cedar Avenue and Spokane Street, the store was constructed on land once occupied by the famous Meakin Hotel, built in 1896 and demolished in 1957.

“Over 9,000 square feet of retail space, the Trail Kresge store was advertised as higher-end than the typical ‘Five and Ten’ stores that Canadians were used to at the time,” she said.

“In 1958, the Trail outlet became the 87th Kresge store in Canada.”

What are your Kresge’s memories?

Perhaps a milkshake or a fries at the lunch counter?

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