Trail resident Maureen Ogley and best friend Dory send a thank you to good Samaritans who helped her after a fall last week. Photo: Jim Bailey

Trail woman sends thank you to unknown Samaritans

Two strangers stop to help 83 year old woman who had slipped and fallen in the snow

A Trail woman would like to thank a pair of good Samaritans who helped her recover from a spill on Tuesday, March 1.

Maureen Ogley, at 83 years young, slipped on slushy snow after crossing at the intersection of Second Avenue and Goepel Street near the Handy Store and was unable to get up.

“There was piles of snow, and I stepped over and grabbed the pole, but I just swung around and ended up on the ground,” said Ogley.

Two complete strangers saw her wet and struggling to get up and stopped immediately to help. A man in a pickup and a woman in a car came to her aid.

“I didn’t know them,” said Ogley. “But I want them to know I am fine, and that I think about them.”

They ensured that Ogley was okay, and helped her get to her feet. The woman then drove Ogley to her home in East Trail.

“I would like to thank them for coming to my help,” said Ogley. “It’s not every day that people do this.

“But I know now that there are still people in this world who will help when they see anybody fall.”

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