Keanan Patershuk grapples with Spokane fighter Shad Armstead in the light heavyweight division.

Keanan Patershuk grapples with Spokane fighter Shad Armstead in the light heavyweight division.

Pride Gym fighters excel at Liberty Proving Grounds MMA

Pride Gym’s Matt Consineau and Keanan Patershuk battle to MMA victories at Liberty, Wa.

Pride Gym fighters had another successful weekend in Liberty Lake, Wash. at the Proving Grounds Mixed Martial Arts Promotion.

Pride’s Matt Consineau fought in the 155-pound division winning a unanimous decision over Liam Burke of Bellingham. Matt was definitely the underdog in this Muay Thai Kickboxing fight, and making his debut in his first combat sport fight of any kind. Liam was the outright favourite with a 4-0 record as well as a decided reach and height advantage.

Matt fought an aggressive forward fight bringing the fight to Liam which pushed Burke back throughout the three rounds. Matt was breaking his opponent down with his hand combination and his inside clinching work and landing multiple knee strikes to his opponents solar plexus that kept Liam’s back to the cage with nowhere to go.

Former Beaver Valley Nitehawk player Keanan Patershuk was second up of the Pridegym fighters taking on Shad Armstead of Spokane in the Mixed Martial Arts 205-pounds Light Heavyweight division.

The fight started off with both fighters throwing roundhouse kicks. Keanan started to pick the pace up with some stiff jabs and landing a powerful inside leg kick. Then Keanan set his opponent up for a perfect right cross that dropped Shad to the canvas. Keanan jumped on him with a two punch ground and pound attack to finish the fight at the 1:15 minute of Round One.

Keanan is making his way up the light heavyweight division to hopefully challenge the current light heavyweight champ Chris Gamby at the Proving Grounds MMA promotion in May of this year.

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