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Senior housing a necessity in Trail

Letter to the Editor from Cezary Ksiazek
Artistic rendering of the proposed seniors development in Trail. Photo: Submitted

I am responding to the big opposition regarding the 45 units condo for seniors close to Waneta Mall.

The Trail citizens like the idea, but don’t want it in their neighbourhood.

Demand for seniors looking to downsize is rising. I am 65 years old so I personally know that as the years go by, it will be more difficult for me to work around my house.

I do not know what the next day will bring; maybe my health will quickly deteriorate and then what? Of course, I can hire people to help with the snow, lawn, and small projects around the house. However, finding such help is not that easy, not to mention it’s very costly.

We have inflation of 7% right now and it’s likely to increase. I remember when Brian Mulroney was the prime minister, and the mortgage interest rate was 16%. This was because of Pierre Trudeau’s budget deficit and inflation. I worry that history will repeat itself.

The demographic for Trail speaks for itself. Many seniors need facility living now and many more in the future. I understand that it’s impossible to make everyone happy. There is nothing available in Trail, Rossland or Castlegar.

I will be happy when I can move into a condo with a gathering place, which can be used for potlucks or group exercise classes. I understand that we need more than 45 units but when this project is approved, the next developer will follow.

Teck Cominco and the hospital have problems hiring young people because there is nothing available for rent or to buy in Trail.

Senior’s housing is not only a Trail problem – it’s a national problem. Affordable housing for young people is built not only in Trail, but nothing is built for seniors?

Cezary Ksiazek


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